Virgin Kayak Tours

virgin_kayakVirgin Kayak is in their 10th year of providing full time kayak tours on St. Croix. They started with the very first fleet of kayaks used for touring on St.Croix. Over the years Virgin Kayak has kayaked with people from National Geographic Adventure, The Discovery Channel, Country Music Channel, Amber from the series Survivor… and so many more.

Pictured is Bryan Updyke, owner and guide. On top of providing kayak tours Bryan has helped the North Shore in many additional ways. He has done historic research of the Taino Indians – having gone to the extent of commissioning an actual full-scale replica of a Taino Carib Indian dugout canoe! He has found many Carib Indian artifacts, organized litter and debris clean-up after major hurricanes, and held educational programs in an effort to teach visitors about island heritage and historic culture. After 14 years of searching Byran recently found “The Cave at Maroon Hole” and later guided channel 12 PBS to film it.

Virgin kayak provides:

  • Morning Historical Kayak Tours (most popular)
  • Nighttime Bioluminescence Kayak Tours (amazing)
  • Walking Tours of Historic Columbus Landing
  • Carib Dug-out Canoe Rides in the Replica “CRA-CRA” (the only one like it in the world)