Fromer Real Estate

fromerFromer Real Estate is a sole proprietorship in its 11th year of focusing exclusively on the North Shore of St. Croix.  2009 is their 22nd year of doing real estate business on the island and they know all the ins and outs.

If you want to start with the person that knows the most about the North Shore, or have exhausted the other brokers, and are ready to buy or sell real estate here, it is time to contact Sheelagh Fromer.  As a rule Sheelagh does not advertise because most people that “really” want to settle on the North Shore find her through referrals. Sheelagh is a quiet independent real estate broker on the quiet, lush side of the island.

The North Shore of St. Croix is special. Not everyone will be comfortable living here, but those that do live here tend to stick for a very long time. If you are ready to work with a real estate broker that has raised children, worked and lived in this area exclusively and loves it, then call Sheelagh Fromer.  She works out of her house in Estate Belvedere.

Sheelagh Fromer
Fromer Real Estate