Historic Rust Op Twist Sugar Mill

rustop_sugarmillWhen the Danish purchased St. Croix in the 1700’s the island was divided into sugar cane plantations by estate names. These estate names are still used today, although most of the sugar plantations are only ruins.

Rust Op Twist (or Rest After Work) refers to Estate Rust Op Twist, which has one of the best preserved 17th century sugar plantations on the island. Pictured on the right is one of three historic sugar mills that remains standing. It’s location is about 300 feet from the shore of the Caribbean Sea. The plantation grounds property owner graciously allows visitors to wander the property and explore the ruins.

There is another little know mill still standing in Estate Rust Op Twist, which is unique to St. Croix, that functioned as a water mill. The water mill is located about 100 feet from the ocean in the mangrove thicket adjacent to Rust Op Twist Beach.

(photo provided by North Shore resident Nancy Wallace)