Salt River Marina

salt_river_marinaThis may be the sleepy tropical marina every boater pictures in their mind when they think about paradise. There are perhaps 30 to 50 slips, a restaurant, a kayak tour company, a dive operation, and various other facilities. Palm trees hang over the road, people live aboard their sailboats and motorboats, and the atmosphere is low key and welcoming. Another name the marina goes by is Columbus Cove Landing. The owner states that they are “almost always full- no slips to rent” and adds, “We don’t want to attract the transient crowd here at Salt River.” This marina is also home to the tugboat Mocko Jumbie.

I have eaten at the Columbus Cove Restaurant and the food was good. It’s a very casual open-air affair. Boaters, patrons and even the owners dogs stroll in and out. The service was timely for us, unlike some places on the island where you may wait a long time to be served.

Just around the corner is Salt River Beach. It’s a great spot to watch boats thread the needle in between the shoals as they enter and exit the bay. It’s a good location for swimming in the shallows and the waves are usually small due to the protecting reef. Sometimes fishermen dot the shoreline with their handlines.

Salt River Marina 340-778-9650
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