Spratnet Beach Bar

spratnet_barLocated right on Cane Bay Beach, Spratnet is an open air bar right on the beach. Serving burgers, sandwiches, drinks, and occasional live music. Pig roast on Sundays.

The restaurant is owned by Mr. Calvin Belle and because of his island charm and hospitality it has become a favorite tourist destination with many returning customers season after season. Spend some time at Spratnet you will notice all the cars that pass by give Calvin a wave. Calvin tries to give a smile and a wave to each car that passes by if he can, some stopping in to spread a little Island melee.

Most tourists return for a shot of Calvin’s home-brewed papawana which he prides himself on. In the kitchen is a very capable Chef, Chef Blaze, and a friendly bar staff. If you’ve got nothing to do for the day, especially Sunday, rent a beach chair, swim goggles and fins, listen to live entertainment and wait for the pig to roast… a perfect way to lose a Sunday and have fun. Watch for the Spratnet full moon party.

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Spratnet telephone isĀ 340-719-8485