The Corner Shop – Convenience Store

picture-19The Corner Shop is the THE BIGGEST & BEST convenience store on the North Shore (it’s also the only convenience store on the North Shore :-). You’ll find all the usual staples like bread, milk, newspapers, detergent, candy, toys, postcards, cigarettes, beer, ice and of course… Cruzan rum.

Highlight of your visit: Buy a beer and have the clerk open it right at the counter, hop in your car and drive away. Totally legal in the USVI, though not legal to drive drunk. The first time I saw that happen I asked the clerk, “You can open the beer right here in the store?” She replied, “How else you gonna sell beer?”

Open every day of the week:

  • Monday – Saturday 7AM – 6PM
  • Sunday 12 Noon – 6PM

Corner Shop Phone#: 340-718-7602