The Wall – Diving Destination

leopard_manta_rayJust off the shore a stunning wall runs along the North Shore of St. Croix. The wall begins at about a 30 foot depth and drops off to over 13,000 feet! Davis Bay, Northstar, and Cane Bay diving have the steepest wall in the world. Divers see coral and sponge life down the wall and much marine life along the top.

“The largest of the three U. S. Virgin Islands, St. Croix is shamefully overlooked by too many divers. Of the three islands, it alone offers diving’s gold standard – wall dives that start in 30 feet of water and plunge thousands of feet beyond safe diving depths. According to our readers, it’s also one of the best places in the Caribbean for new divers, so it’s anybody’s guess why the place isn’t crawling with divers.”

–Keith Phillips in Rodales Scuba Diving – August 1998